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GLOBAL FAMILY ALLIANCE and its FAMILY ALLIANCE NETWORK are dedicated to promoting early detection and intervention for current rising cultural concerns, preventing family crisis that cause at-risk youth, and developing strong, empowered families within the community through advocacy, education, research and service.

The organization is made up of the National Board of Directors, Executive Board of Directors, International Advisory Board, Family-Advocate Advisory Board, and Local Advisory Board. The powerhouse of folks involved with looking at the concerns facing our families and our communities help structure how we approach the Family Alliance Network of the Community. Each year the Board of Directors work with the Executive Board and the Chair of the Advisory Boards to come up with an Annual Directive. This is based on the current trends and needs within each community.

GFA sets the annual directive. The FAN works to implement change within the community.


To build a network of like-minded individuals in the families, communities, churches, schools, businesses, professions, and government in order to establish a PILOT PROGRAM for early intervention and prevention of trauma. This is to establish a protocol for education, training, screening and support of needed resources for all the community facing complex family dynamics avoiding high conflict court actions, CPS removals and erasing family through adopting children to outside families.

The GOAL is continuing education and community support through eventually an online community network and referral service.  At start it will be one communities effort to move this forward, Prince William County.

By decreasing the time between the injury of trauma and intervention children can be recovered to live an empowered life. They learn tools and have support of the community to break the cycles of abuse and become empowered within their community. This has to be promoted from a strong community to support a family to move beyond the crisis to an empowered lifestyle within the community.

This has to be a local community built program to design a viable solution focused pilot program that can be designed, set up and implemented, in order to develop a working model that can be fine tuned and duplicated in other local communities given their unique circumstances. The KEY is a family focused model give every dynamic is different, thus requiring very specific interventions to be successful.


2017 Focus on Family Courts, Child Abuse and State Interventions
2018 Focus on Child Sex Trafficking & the Cycle of Abuse
2019 Focus on Bullying, Violence & Suicide
2020 Focus on Early Intervention & Prevention of Trauma
2021 Focus on Family Coalition for Asymmetric Advancement of Family Crisis Intervention for families:
1. Seeking Help,
2, Trapped in Damaging System &
3. Being Erased as Parents & Children Needing Family Restoration


Advisory Board Member, Director of Mental Health

Maurine Kelly specializes in working with families, couples, groups, and individuals.  

Dr Kelly treats children as young as three, has experience with school phobia, adoption, blended families, gender issues, gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals, and the challenges of elderly.  

Dr Kelly is experienced working with psychoses, severe post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, body dysmorphic disorder, and problems of every day life. She has special expertise working with the LGBT population, with adolescents, sexual development, severe mental illness, post traumatic stress disorder, physical illnesses.   

Dr. Kelly is trained as a psychoanalyst and sees many patients up to five times a week with a focus on relationships, intimacy, fears and anxieties, depression, work and parenting issues, and most of all enriching one’s life, achieving life goals and achieving a sense of balance in one’s life.  

Dr. Kelly has been practicing independently full time for over thirty Years. Her experience is wide ranging, insofar as she has worked with all ages of patients, families, groups, couples and individuals. She is experienced with both short term crisis intervention and long term psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

International Advisory Board Member,

Director of Medical Practice

Debbie’s background includes 25 years of training in traditional, herbal, homeopathic and integrative medical settings. Studying and working in nutrition, herbal medicine and other CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) therapies.

In 2005 she left a traditional urgent care center to open the first “green” Wellness Center on the Eastern Shore in order to devote full time her attention to Integrative Health and Wellness. To stay abreast of the ever changing medical environment Ms McCabe attends continuing education conferences and workshops though the American College for the Advancement of Medicine, ILADS, Klinghart etc.

With research and cutting edge modalities she takes the time  to explain the “HOW AND WHY” of many current health conditions and empowers patients to become a partner in wellness taking control of their health. Ms McCabe was invited to participant in the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Critical Needs and Gaps in Understanding Prevention, Amelioration, and Resolution of Lyme and Other Insect Borne Diseases and the The Institute of Medicine (IOM) Integrative Medicine and Health Summit.

As a knowledgeable practitioner, educator and speaker on the subject of Insect Borne Illness she presented at  Supervisor Herrity’s Fairfax County’s Town Hall Meetings for the state of Virginia as well as Monkton, Maryland’s Lyme Disease Seminar and numerous other groups. She has provided continuing education material for Medical professionals at the ILADS conference National Harbor.

International Advisory Board Member,

Director of Technology, Media & Social Issues 

Silent Cry –Afghan Refugees (video)

Social Crisis, Missing Children & Red Light Districts (video)

LeeAnn Connor was working on for Ahimsa International to create these videos. One videos is on Afghan Refugees in Pakistan. The other video is from California with most of the footage done by Robert Munson and Ms Connor was from the city streets of Los Angeles, Hollywood and Vine. Social Issue’s film was never finished.

Ms Connor was threatened by gangs to stop filming and it got to be a sticky mess. Missing children can often be found in these red light districts indeed. In every city, small and large throughout America they can be found. They moved around from city to city to avoid prosecution. 

The film needs to be finished perhaps by someone else who has the energy and resources to do something about it. There is need for an organization to monitor each and every street corning in the big cities to look for these children.

Law enforcement needs to know the faces of missing children. This was being made for Social Crisis Zones of America: An Investigative Study and Documentary Series for Ahimsa International.

Crimes against young children are on the rise, with missing children at over 725,000 and heroin use quadrupling among American teens. AHIMSA hears the desperate cries of street children who are suffering in these social crisis zones, and red-light districts of America. These areas, often called High Intensity Drug Trafficking Zones, are smuggling routes for not only drugs, but also human trading, prostitution and exploitation of the world’s youth. 

The victims of human trafficking also serve as transmitters of HIV to the general public. This urgent epidemic of increasing social deterioration in our cites across the nation spreads violence, crime, and overall human and environmental strain and suffering. AHIMSA created the Social Crisis Zones of America Study, a proposal to study and address haunting facts that America’s children are more prostituted and traded than children in Thailand, and is only second after India in the numbers of exploited children, according a 2001 study. In addition, experts report the numbers are increasing at epidemic rates and that crimes against young people are on the rise. 

Summary: An international epidemic of child abuse, addiction, and exploitation is in urgent need of our attention 

International Advisory Board Member,

Director of Environmental, Global & General Health Research

Leah Roberts is a professional with 13 years of practical experience in the health care industry. She studied Public Health at University of South Florida and has a graduate certificate from USF in Infection Control and Prevention. She graduated from Saint Louis University with her Master’s degree in Biosecurity and Disaster Preparedness and taught graduate courses there as a volunteer for another three years. 

In Fall of 2014, she saw the need to write a short book that described the biosecurity-important aspects of the Ebola outbreak that occurred in Africa and had it published in English, Portuguese and Spanish. 

Also in 2014, Leah began her independent research officially as a woman-owned business while working for Jacobs Dugway, UT location writing comprehensive geopolitical threat and vulnerability assessments and doing research in decontamination science

Her area of interest is broad and includes chemical and biological weapons, nuclear contamination, covert biological chemical and biological capabilities of other countries, intuitive and alternative sciences, environmental health and environmental contamination among others. She has an active Secret clearance.

Chairman of the International Advisory Board,

Chairman of the Virginia Family Alliance Network Board
Director of Family Advocacy (Limited Voting)

Debbie shows up.  Sometimes she is silent, but when something needs to be said, she speaks up.  Anything worth doing, she jumps in leading the way or lending support.  The point is today, there are many things that need to be done.  As her eldest wise daughter told her long ago, sometime you just grab the weeds right where you are and keep going until the job is done.

For thirty plus years, Debbie has worked with dynamic people on their innovative projects and businesses.  Through her unique experience, she brings perspective, strategies and negotiating abilities to the table.  Over the years, she has run a variety of family businesses or worked for high-net-worth, individual owners with complicated ventures. Debbie excels at using her unique personal skills to understand requirements in large complex situations with many small facets to find creative solutions.  Her highly-focused, professional skills allow her to work between groups of people to find common goals, execute directives, and navigate logistical encountered challenges.  Debbie’s focus is on developing good, dynamic, authentic relationships and positive, future outcomes.  Debbie comes to the table to listen intently, envision the larger picture and define the missing elements to bridge the gaps and bring the project to completion. At the end of the day, the solution is an authentic, dynamic, holistic, sustainable, healthy lifestyle. 

Debbie’s ultimate goal, the one she really enjoys, is the empowerment of authentic people filled with passion, knowledge and purpose. This bridges the gap between crisis and success!

“I have known Deborah [DEBBIE] very well for the past twenty years and feel she is one of the strongest, emotionally healthy, intelligent, and generous people I’ve known in my life . . . I have met very few women, not to mention people, whom I would consider recommending unconditionally and unequivocally for a position of high visibility and responsibility. Among Deborah [DEBBIE] Sue Pomeroy’s strengths, I would list her perseverance, her determination, her ability to accomplish difficult goals and to meet unusual challenges with a positive attitude and amazing resilience.”

Maurine K., Professional Psychoanalyst, Bethesda, MD

“She [Debbie] could always be trusted to follow through . . . is efficient and focused and she holds herself to a high ethical standard. She demonstrates a creative ability and drive to seek solutions of complex problems. Deborah [Debbie] is a team player and has good communication skills. She deserves the highest praise for her dedication and diligent contribution to projects. If there ever becomes a time whereby she could work for me . . . I would not hesitate to seize the opportunity. Any company [Client] would benefit from her remarkable talents.”

Donna C., Director Bioasys Environmental Consulting, Fairfax, VA

VA Family Alliance Network Board Member,

Director of Legislative Education

As a Legislative Candidate and Family Advocate, Kimberly works tirelessly to improve life for everyone. Vote for yourself, vote for your family, vote for Kimberly Lowe.

VA Family Alliance Network Board Member,

Director of Family Legal Issues


Executive Board, Co Directors

Nothing comes easily.  When you have a real dialogue, you discover the deeper currents within our society.  This is where you find the commitment to the future.  Many make claims to command attention and win elections.  They have nothing to show for their hate. Those dedicated: show up, do the work, challenge shortsighted, misguided actions and build bridges to community solutions.

Chris and Debbie have developed a strong reputation as a “Dynamic Duo” capable of moving mountains to make things happen.  Both have come from family owned and operated businesses of Entrepreneurs, thus each understand business, operations and what it takes to get the job done.  Chris and his mechanical engineer background, his off-grid experience and yacht, estate and island management has provided a keen eye for properties, business and people.   Debbie, with her operational management and direct experience in business brings her unique strategies and negotiating abilities to the table.  She has run family operations or worked for high-net-worth, individual owners of complicated ventures needing special attention to ensure successful outcomes.  Together they have a half of century of worldly experience and expertise with the dynamic ability to handle the directives, the projects, the people involved to incorporate the final success.

“”Working” with Chris and Debbie is not work. Their’s is a professional but friendly relationship with you. They have the ability to turn your dreams into a reality, and you will enjoy working with them. There’s no pressure but realistic advice based on the market and your resources. I recommend them highly.” 

Richard D., Historian Retired, Rappahannock, VA 

“I have known Chris and Debbie for many years and know they operate in a very ethical manner. You can trust they will always have your best interest in mind.” 

Karen M., Marketing Professional, Warrenton, VA   

“CHRIS & DEBBIE, we truly appreciate everything you two did for us!  Your support, patience & encouragement kept us going and we feel very blessed to have been teamed up with you both. We are still moving in and not even close to being finished unpacking but we are thoroughly enjoying… and Josh and our boys (dogs) have adjust beautifully which is such a huge relief.” 

Lisa S., Emergency Worker, Haymarket, VA 

Advocate Advisory Committee Member, International Family Advocate

Jhonabelle Biña Biado is a School Guidance Counselor of Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School in the Philippines for almost nine years now. It is a government secondary school located at the heart of the city, along national highway with a total of 3,288 Junior High School Students and 1,235 Senior High School Students coming from the 79 Barangays of Gingoog City holding the most populated and the biggest school in the entire division of Gingoog City. 

She studied BS Psychology and currently working on her MA in Guidance and Counseling. Previously, Jhonabelle worked as a Lead Counselor at the Healing House Philippines, Inc. A Non-Government Organization offering psychoanalytic psychotherapy for trauma victims and also offers an outpatient autism clinic for children headed by the President and CEO of the International Healing House, Inc., Dr. Eleanor Lisa Beyea Pomeroy, MPH, CHS. 

She is passionate not only in ensuring students become productive and well-adjusted individuals of tomorrow but also upholding the advocacy campaign in ending violence against women and children.

Advocate Advisory Committee Member, Family Advocate

Wendy Greene is a fourth generation Human and Civil Rights activist, writer/advocate for the victims of autism and homelessness, and author of the up-and-coming book ‘Justice’.  

The Canary Stories are individual true accounts documenting the corruption and fraud of Child Protective Services and similar agencies, sent from around the world by parents requesting that their voices be heard. The ongoing reports are named The Canary Stories after the life-saving canaries that protected the coal mines. Today, The Canary Stories are also sounding the warning in an attempt to save children, families and even lives.  

My story  “I am the mother of three amazing little creatures. My oldest son is autistic and violent. He was 12 when CPS legally kidnapped him. My two younger sons were 8 and 2. As a family, we were harassed by CPS for 6 years prior to them storming into our peaceful home and destroying it beyond all recognition. Due to the fact no matter how many times I have explained my son’s behavior due to his autism, we were always under a cloud of suspicion. 

The fact is, when your child expresses extreme behavior, it calls for extreme parenting.  Looking back, I can see exactly why we were always in CPS cross-hairs. Hindsight is always 20/20. The staff at my son’s schools always seem to blame our parenting for his behavior. This is a very ignorant point of view. We had several unfounded and closed cases over the years, but those were used against us in court for this case, as we had previous CPS intervention. Never mind the fact it was unfounded.”

Advocate Advisory Committee Member, Family Advocate

Information withheld for her own safety, at her request.

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